A curious crew member of the Never Land, who is first to encounter the effects of a strange trunk being brought aboard the ship.

An unusual porpoise who befriends Molly.
Black Stache:
Named for his foot-long black mustache, Black Stache is the captain of the most feared ship on the high seas, the Sea Devil.
Cyrus Pembridge:
The Never Land’s inept captain, who is widely regarded as the most incompetent man to command a ship since the formation of water.
Fighting Prawn:
Leader of the Mollusk tribe, who harbors a great hatred for Englishmen.
James, Prentiss, Thomas, and Tubby Ted:
Fellow orphans from St. Norbet’s Home, led by Peter.
Leonard Aster:
Molly’s father and new British ambassador to His Royal Highness, King Zarboff of Rundoon.
Little Richard:
Towering, oversized crew member who is Slank’s secondhand man.
Molly Aster:
The daughter of the new ambassador to Rundoon, which makes her the most important passenger on the Never Land.
Mrs. Bumbrake:
Molly’s governess, who keeps a close watch on Molly’s every move.
The leader of the Lost Boys (all orphans) because he can spit the farthest.
The first officer, second in command of the Never Land, who does not care much for young boys, and who is, himself, mysterious in nature.
Black Stache’s first mate on the Sea Devil.
The yellow-haired mermaid and leader of her sister mermaids in the island’s lagoon.